Dose comparison module

Hi every one
slicer version: 5.2.2
I have 2 RT Dos exported from the treatment planning system. I want to compare these 2 dose distributions using the Dose Comparison module in 3 D slicer. my CT slice thickness is 5mm. but I want to calculate gamma index with 3%/3mm.
Can 3D Slicer do this calculations accurately or should the CT Slice thickness be less than 5 mm?
can you help me?
thanks a lot

I apologize that right now I have time only for a very quick answer, but maybe this will help you make progress.

I just checked and in SlicerRT itself there is no resampling done on the input volumes. Looking at Plastimatch (the library that does the actual comparison), I can give you two hints:

  1. Read the paper based on which the algorithm was implemented, see src/util/gamma_dose_comparison.h · master · plastimatch / plastimatch · GitLab
  2. There are indications in the code for some resampling to be performed, see src/util/gamma_dose_comparison.cxx · master · plastimatch / plastimatch · GitLab
    Please dig a bit more to see when exactly and how (if you have some programming knowledge or willingness to read some code)

Good luck!