Dose Volume Histogram Plotting issue

I am trying to plot a dose-volume histogram (DVH) graph using SlicerRT. I have a segmentation file in NIFTI format and a dose file in DICOM format. I am uploading the segmentation file as “segmentation” and the dose file as “volume”. Dose Volume Histogram of Radiotherapy extension can detect segmentation file but can’t recognize dose file [image attached]. Could you please help me with what I am missing? Do I need to convert the segmentation file to label map or RTstruct format?

You can either uncheck “Show dose volumes only” to show all volume nodes in the Dose volume selector, or you can right-click on the volume node in the subject hierarchy, and click “Convert to RT dose volume…”.

@Sunderlandkyl Thanks a lot! Issue solved.

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The DVH graph I generated shows Fractional Volume vs Intensity [attached Image]. Is it possible to get Fractional Volume vs Dose [Gy]? I’m not sure if there is any relation between Intensity and Dose [Gy].

Yeah, converting the volume using “Convert to RT dose volume…” will allow you to change the units to Gy. You may have to scale the values as well.

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Thanks a lot for your response! I am getting this error “The volume must be under a study in order to be converted to dose. Please drag&drop the volume under a study. If there is no study, it can be created under a subject. Consult the help window for more details.” Attached Image for your reference.

To create a subject+study, just right-click in an empty area in the subject hierarchy, then click “Create new subject”, right-click on the subject and click “Create child study”. Then you can drag the dose volume onto the study.

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Thanks a lot! You solved my issues. I have two more questions. How can I change the color of each graph, and how can I limit the X and Y axis value?

@Sunderlandkyl got one solution, i.e., “Export DVH to File”. Not sure if there is any other option available or not. Btw, thanks a lot!

You can change the properties of the graph from the “Charts” module. The X and Y axis limits are in the Charts tab, and the color of each line is in the Series tab.

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Thanks, @Sunderlandkyl ! Just in case anyone needs help in plot modification, follow this step. Go to “Informatics”, then select “Plots”. It contains two tabs “Charts” and “Series”. Now change whatever you want.