SlicerRT access from other module


I am trying to create a module in 3D Slicer that needs access to the SlicerRT module to use the DoseVolumeHistogram functions, but I cannot do it. I think I would just need to enter the segmentation and dose volume from code. How is it done? I haven’t found documentation for that module.

This is too little information to be able to say anything useful.

What programming language do you use? What functions of SlicerRT do you want to access and exactly how? Also please add any other information about the structure/deployment of your module that could be useful. Thanks

In a Python code I am opening a .txt file with transforms that are applied to already loaded Nodes in the scene. Then, I need to compute the dose volume histogram from a segmentation and a RT dose volume that are in the scene. Then I would need to show the DVH but I believe that would easily be done by using the AddDvhToChart function. I have tried to use the ComputeDvh() function from SlicerRT but I don’t know how to state the inputs, as it says that only one input is needed.

Thank you

You can use the widgets to set the inputs like it happens in the test script

Or you can set the input to the parameter node (which is a nicer solution because it does not go through the widget, but the logic).