Drawing an irregular ROI in the image

I use windows 10 , and 3d slicer (5.6.1 version). To show vascular leakage in my image, I need to draw an irregular ROI instead of a square or rectangle and use these areas in artificial intelligence algorithms.
can you help me?

You can use segment editor to create any irregular shaped region.

it is very difficult. because vessels and leakage have a lot of elegance and the negative pixels are placed in the target volume.

For vessels, i believe people use curve markup, which you can turn into models and segmentations.

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thank you for your response.
How can I use curve markup?

Vessel segmentation is not something I familiar with. As I understand you use the curve tool to trace the vessel and you use the MarkupsToModels extension to convert the curve to a tube with a specific diameter. If you search the forum you can find more details.

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