Drawing circle in the 3D slicer

Hi, I want to draw a circle in the 3D slicer, how can I draw circles with specific R?
I suppose to draw circle in the MRI image of the Tibial of the knee in order to measure the tibial slope, would you please help me how to draw? because also in the “Markups” curve it is impossible.

There are several ways to draw circles or create custom measurement tools in Slicer. Can you describe how would you like to do the measurement? Where does the radius value comes from? How do you want to place the circles? Using 1, 2 or 3 points? Would you place point(s) in the center or at the circumference? Would you like to do a 2D measurement (projection or slice image) or true 3D angle measurement?

here I have attached the photo of what

here I have attached the photo of what:

Could you please answer all the other questions above? The picture is useful but it does not tell anything about how do you plan to get there.

The R are from literature, I don’t know how to draw the circle, I need this circle in order to draw the longitudinal line for the tibial, should I use the point? if yes, then 2 points. and putting the points in the center is better,2D measurement please.