DWIConvert and libITKFactoryRegistration.so error

Hello Slicer team,

I’m running Ubuntu 16.04 on Bash on Windows. I’m using the nightly build, Slicer-4.9.0-2018-02-08-linux

DWIConvert is not working…


It appears the problem is due to “libITKFactoryRegistration.so” not being found, but it does indeed exist (in /Slicer-4.9.0-2018-02-08-linux-amd64/lib/Slicer-4.9).


Both problems also exist when I try using the stable 4.8 version.
This used to work with previous version Slicer 4.6 (is it a problem that I deleted that older version, but the path to that now-deleted version is still in my $PATH, from setup in my ~/.profile?)

I also saw that there is a way to delete previous settings involving this file (~/.config/NA-MIC/) but I’m scared to do this without knowing exactly what to do (if it’s required, can you guide me how to?)

Any other info you need?

Many thanks,