DynamicModeler hole-size-threshold for surface-capping?


Is there a way to control the “surface capping” option or feature of the DynamicModeler’s PlaneCut function?

I am using the PlaceCut function to transform dental impressions into dental splints, but I am struggling to avoid dental impressions from being capped by the “surface cap” feature.

Circled in blue, are examples of dental impressions that are not “capped”. In re you can see the “surface cap” in action.

Here you can see a side by side of the resulting splint and a transparent projection. The holes are still there, the cap is the issue.

If this cannot be changed, are there other strategies to make this surface cut? Is there something that can be done in the segment editor?

I ended-up doing the plane cuts on the surface model before converting the part into a segment and performing the Boolean subtraction of the prints. This is likely the most appropriate order for the operation.