Erase effect does not work

3d slicer version 4.8
usually, I use threshold effect then correct by erasing or painting, but today the erase effect does not work.
please see attachment


Please add a copy of the log (under Help -> report a bug)

okay, But I think this happened due to very thin slice thickness(2mm) and gap(4mm). when I’ve tried for slice thick 5, gap5 mm the problem disappeared. when I faced this problem again I will report bug.

Hi @Ash_Alarfaj - just use the Report a bug dialog to get the log text to paste here (first review to make sure there’s no patient identifiers in it). This will probably give the info needed to see what’s going on (can’t tell from just the screenshot). There is probably an error message from when the tool didn’t work. Depending on what’s in the log we may want to have a bug report filed.

Most likely the issue is fixed in recent nightly version. @Ash_Alarfaj if you experience any similar issues using latest Slicer-4.9.x version then let us know.

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