Error in exporting .tiff images to DICOM


I have .tiff files of a lung phantom that I want to export to DICOM files using 3D Slicer (4.11.20200930 or 4.13.0). I was able to import the .tiff files into 3D Slicer and export them to DICOM. But when I tried to import the files from the DICOM database into the scene, the scene turns out all black. I do not understand why.

Thank you for your help.

Are there any warnings or errors in the application log?
Can you upload the exported data set somewhere and post the link here so that we can have a look?

Hi Andras,

Thank you for your prompt reply.
No, there is a message saying ‘create a DICOM Series completed without errors’.

Here is the link for the .tiff files:

And for the exported DICOM data:

I am sorry for not making the link public. They are part of a research project. So, I just shared the link with your email.

The problem is that values in these TIFF files are stored very poorly:

  • it has floating-point values, while voxels have 15-20 discrete values, which makes it hard to assign any meaning to voxel values
  • range of values is between -0.0048 and 0.0531 (until very recently DICOM only supported storage of integer values, and for compatibility reasons we still use only integers; since all input voxels are approximately 0, all voxels in the exported DICOM volume are set to 0, too)

You can fix everything by using Simple Filters module -> RescaleIntensityImageFilter or ShiftScaleImageFilter. CT volumes typically scaled between -1000 and 1000. If you set this output range then everything will work well

I would recommend to notify the group that created the volumes to switch to using standard 3D volume file formats, such as NRRD, instead of multi-frame 2D TIFF image.

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