Error: Invalid coordinateSystemFlag value

In Error log, there comes an error showing “VTK: Invalid coordinateSystemFlag value:0”, how to fix this, by coordinate system conversion?
It looks like coordinateSystemFlag = 0 for RAS system which is used by Slicer, then why is it problematic?

Thank you!

Thanks for reporting this. Invalid coordinateSystemFlag value is reported when you run a CLI module that does not specify coordinateSystem="lps". As long as you specify lps or ras as coordinate system, you can ignore this warning (and I’ll push a fix today to prevent displaying warning in this case).

Thank you, great to know!
May I learn how to specify coordinate system in the module? doesn’t it depend on the configuration associated with the data being imported? or since mostly we import DICOM, by default it is set like this?

int coordinateSystem = vtkMRMLStorageNode::CoordinateSystemLPS

See an example how to specify coordinate system for input points here: