BGFDG_vtkMRMLModelNodeH.vtp does not contain coordinate system information. Assuming LPS

Centerline.tre file created correctly. But there is no points in BranchCenterline_0.fcsv file. We got message in log that is “BGFDG_vtkMRMLModelNodeH.vtp does not contain coordinate system information” .

I have attached centerline.tre and branchcenterline.fcsv file for more information.

The coordinate system message is probably not important. If you aren’t getting any results from the module probably your model is not a compatible with the filter so your core issue is something in TubeTK. Try TubeTK outside of Slicer to debug.

It would be nice to make TubeTK work nicely with Slicer again, though. I don’t think it had been recently tested with Slicer, so there could be some API changes that require small adjustments.
Do you run TubeTK CLI modules inn Slicer?
What are you trying to achieve?

Note that you can also use VMTK extension for extracting, visualizing, processing, quantifying centerlines in Slicer.

I am extracting branch centerline points using TubeTK models in Slicer.

May I know which APIs required small adjustments for proper working?

I have already integrated TubeTK with Slicer.

Is there any way to make TubeTK work with new slicer version?

I have changed TubeTK by using the link of Spatial Objects Refactoring section of the ITK 5 Migration Guide. But still no luck. Its not working.