Error of new releases of 3D slicer

Hey, I always have a problem after installing the latest release of 3D slicer , all features is not working properly. I always need to get back to version 5.2.2 which is working very good on my PC without any problem. Any new release can’t work properly. Please help.

Please provide a specific example of how you observe it not working properly.

  • What features are you using?
  • Are you installing any extensions?
  • What CPU model is your computer?
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When I segment the bone in the first segment then I add segment 2 to have another segmentation for the same bone, segment 1 shows nothing. Also, regarding volume rendering sometimes work but sometimes nothing. My CPU is intel i7 11TH Gen.

I would suggest you check your masking options as it sounds like your segment 2 is overwriting your segment 1. Please read Segment editor — 3D Slicer documentation.

Your steps leading up to when it is not working for you would be helpful along with any screenshots. What type of volume is it? I can only think that you may be running into a limitation of using multi-volume rendering with the maximum intensity projection option instead of composite shading. See related post below:

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