Error reporting in LungCT segmenter module

I have the below error when creating segmentation for lung CT; How can i solve this?
Fail to compute results (‘right lung’, labelmapSegmentStatisticsPlugin.centroid_ras)

This is probably related to the issue you posted on Lung CT Analyzer Github concerning the input volume. I suggest that you start out by downloading 3D Slicers CTChest sample dataset

and use this as the input for the Lung CT Segmenter.

With your own data, I would recommend importing them into Slicer as DICOM files, then doing the run in the segmenter.

Thank you for your reply. I can solve the first issue and successful in loading the volume. I firstly convert tiff series image into dicom file and it can be got in the dropdown list. but the error is still exist. I can do the the sample dataset. I will try to contact the staff from radiology to give me DICOM file.

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