Cannot select a volume in Input lung CT manual

Dear Sir,
Thank you for your excellent package for processing lung image; However, when I loaded a series of lung CT in .tiff format, I follow the instruction for “Lung CT Analyzer”. I found I cannot select a volume (i.e. when I click on the tool bar, there is no dropdown list). The same problem occurs for the “lung CT segmenter” module. Can you give me some hints to solve this problem? @rbumm

Which version of 3D Slicer and Lung CT Analyzer are you using?

You should maybe

(1) Restart Slicer
(2) download the ChestCT dataset in the “Sample Data” module:

(3) switch to the Lung CT Segmenter extension, you should be able to select CTChest in “Input Volume” dropdown list:


(4) perform the segmentation process with the demo dataset.

Let us know whether you can do (1) to (4).

As soon as you are familiar with the process restart Slicer. Try to load your local CT data as a DICOM dataset. You would need to export the CT from your PACS in DICOM format (as if you would have to burn it on a CD). Then redo the segmentation process.

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Thank you so much @rbumm. Your instructions are working.

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