Error when i run plot example

hi friends
i run this example
but i receive error
i attach images that show program and error
how can i resolve it ??

Untitled Untitled3 Untitled3


i resolve it by adding
#include “vtkAutoInit.h”
VTK_MODULE_INIT(vtkRenderingOpenGL2); // VTK was built withvtkRenderingOpenGL2

#pragma warning(disable : 4996)
before main function
but i have new error
how to resolve new error ??

Hi @dp1991 -

That topic would be better for the VTK discourse:

Note that you can display plots (line, bar, scatter) in Slicer from Table nodes using Plots module. You can also create a plot from Python as shown in this example.

i can solve it :slightly_smiling_face: