ERROR with DCE MRI loading in DICOM Browser

You can monitor this pull request: Once it is merged, loading of your dataset should work in the nightly.

@kirezgik the issue you identified should be fixed in today’s nightly of Slicer. At least I can say I am able to load the dataset you shared without problems.


That`s great! Yes, it is working now. I am able to load the dataset and visualize it in all 3 planes as a dynamic view without problems.

Thank you @fedorov for all your help, and @lassoan , @pieper! I appreciate your interest and hard work since the beginning of my support request. I will update you about the implementation as I move forward with the analysis.



Dear @kirezgik , I am one of the author of GDCM. I have been starring at your DICOM datasets and they seems to suffer from a rather large issue from a DICOM point of view. This is the first time I am seeing this from a DICOM DataSet in the wild. Could you please confirm that this data is coming from a real modality (not some kind of experimental project) ? If so I’d like to contact the vendor about their failure to follow the standard. Ideally I would need a copy of the original DataSet. Thanks.

Hi @malaterre, thanks for your interest about this topic. The data is coming from an experimental project, it is not a clinical data. What is the issue you realized? I can let the vendor know about it. Also I can share the original DataSet if you provide me your email. Thanks.