error with installing extension Breast_DCEMRI_FTV

Operating system: windows 10
Slicer version: 5.0.2
Expected behavior: installing extension Breast_DCEMRI_FTV and calculate FTV
Actual behavior: I am new here and I installed 3D slicer without reporting any error. An error occured when I installed extension Breast_DCEMRI_FTV: Error retrieving extension metadata: 30822, amd64, , win (expected 0 or 1 result, received 50). Whatever, extension manager showed “Breast_DCEMRI_FTV has been installed” and instructed me to restart 3D slice. After I restarted 3D slicer, another error appeared: C:\3dslicer\Slicer 5.0.2\lib\Python\Lib\site-packages\ UserWarning:
This code is using an older version of pydicom, which is no longer
maintained as of Jan 2017. You can access the new pydicom features and API
by installing pydicom from PyPI.
See ‘Transitioning to pydicom 1.x’ section at
for more information.

When I click on the button “FTV Segmentation” and select “Module 1: Load DCE Images”, another error occured after I chose a file of dicom data (standard dicom format): Error. Please decompress all files in exam directory, then try running module again. File “C:/3dslicer/Slicer 5.0.2/NA-MIC/Extensions-30822/Breast_DCEMRI_FTV/lib/Slicer-5.0/qt-scripted-modules/”, line 465, in setup
visnum = self.visitstr
AttributeError: ‘DCE_IDandPhaseSelectWidget’ object has no attribute ‘visitstr’

It seems Breast_DCEMRI_FTV is not compatible to this version of 3D slicer owing to the different versions of python. I checked the manual of Breast_DCEMRI_FTV written by Rohan Nadkarni, who installed this extension on 3D slicer version 4.11.20200930. However, no usable extension of Breast_DCEMRI_FTV can be found for this older version of 3D slicer on the extension manager, nor on the official website.

My questions are:

  1. Has anyone encountered a similar situation and how did you fix this problem?
  2. Where can I find the extension of Breast_DCEMRI_FTV compatible for 3D slicer version 4.11.20200930?