Error with Pkmodeling extension


I am trying to use the Pkmodeling extension to analyze DCE-MRI images and I am receiving the error below:

itk::ExceptionObject (0000004C75F13E18)
Location: “unknown”
File: D:\D\N\S481-E-b\PkModeling\CLI\PkModeling.cxx
Line: 244
Description: itk::ERROR: itk::ERROR: Unrecognized frame identifying DICOM tag name Time Image C:/Users/brand/AppData/Local/Temp/Slicer/BCGEI_vtkMRMLMultiVolumeNodeC.nrrd does not contain sufficient attributes to support algorithms.

I believe this is due to my DICOM series not having a trigger time tag. However, I am a fairly novice user and do not know how to correct this missing information.

Any help is appreciated!

Can you include the following details:

  • did you import the DCE MRI into Slicer using DICOM Browser or MultiVolumeImporter?
  • what version of Slicer do you use?

I have tried to use both the DICOM browser and MultiVolumeImporter and received the same error. I’m using version 4.8.1 for windows.

I believe this issue was fixed this April, after 4.8.1 release in this commit: Can you please try if the nightly build works for you?

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The nightly build works and I am no longer receiving the error. Thank you for your time and advice!

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