Errors reading Dicom files from CIRRUS HD-OCT

Operating system: Windows 10
Slicer version:4.8.1
Expected behavior:loading Dicom files from CIRRUS HD-OCT
Actual behavior: errors in loading process.


I’ve patched my DICOM folder with the DICOM patcher and there are some issues in the proces:

DICOM patching started…

Examining .\ZDBDIR2.ibk…

Not DICOM file. Skipped.

Examining .\ZDBDIR2.ib…

Not DICOM file. Skipped.

Examining .\Export2.xml…

Not DICOM file. Skipped.

Examining .\Data64To32Convertor.cmd…

Not DICOM file. Skipped.

Examining DataFiles\E773\5MT7JPM9KQ72AUMGN5LV92BV9NL92IDFS27IOLS4X2ZU.EX.DCM…


Writing DICOM…

Unexpected error: Invalid tag (0018, 0088): invalid literal for float(): 0.04724409

Any suggestion?

Maybe there are space characters before or after the number. That would violate the DICOM standard.

BTW, leading or trailing space characters for VR DS don’t violate DICOM standard, it is DICOM standard. And DS is VR of 0018,0088.
Table 6.2-1. DICOM Value Representations

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Yes, you are right, leading and trailing spaces are allowed. Can you check what exactly do you have in those fields? Probably there are some other non-printing characters that violate the standard - newline, 0x00, …?

It is somewhat odd that these field is found in an OCT image, as this field is only referenced in MR IODs. I also had a look at a couple of DICOM conformance statements of CIRRUS HD OCTs and this field was not listed. Have you added this field manually or modified (anonymized, converted, etc.) these files in any way?

@Ekisolid We would either need a dump of all fields (you can use dcmdump command-line tool or “Metadata” feature of Slicer’s DICOM browser) or a sample data set for further investigation.

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