Exciting Freelance Opportunities: Connect 3D Slicer to OMERO!

Dear all,

We are thrilled to announce a unique freelance opportunity for those passionate about 3D Slicer and OMERO. We’re looking to connect the bioimage database OMERO and its webinterface Omero.web with Slicer, and we believe that members of this community, with their rich expertise and hands-on experience, are best suited for this venture.

For a job description and project specifications, please refer to the attached PDF files:

If you’re driven by challenges and are enthusiastic about linking Slicer to Omero, we would love to hear from you! Kindly go through the PDF and reach out to us!


Welcom @peter.zentis :+1:

I hope people on this forum or elsewhere can help with this interesting project. As you may have seen, there’ve.been some past and ongoing projects to adapt Slicer for 3D microscopy applications and it would be great to see your project take advantage of those and maybe move them forward. Feel free to post back at this forum with any progress info or questions on the Slicer side of things.

@peter, hope you will find the right person. Sounds like a very interesting project, it will be great if you can share the outcome with the community as a tool. Merging microscopy and slicer will be a boon to a lot of people…

Hi @pieper and @muratmaga!
Thank you very much for the warm welcome! It would be really great if we could find someone here who would like to tackle this project with us! Of course, we plan to build on the great possibilities that already exist. I’m sure we’ll be approaching the community with a lot of practical questions in the near future :slight_smile: And I am very grateful for suggestions on what we should consider. If we manage to implement the project as planned, honestly it is not yet clear if we will have the resources to maintain it in the long run, but definitely we will share all the results with the community and are going to make them as freely available as possible.