Exit code to terminate SPHARM-PDM upon completion in CLI?

Hello! I’ve spoken to a couple of the developers in person but I figured I’d ask here for a wider reach.

I’m currently using a python script to execute the SPHARM-PDM module in a command line interface (CLI) via python’s subprocess.run() function. However, my script never fully completes as the SPHARM process never actually exits upon completion (I have to terminate the script via ctrl + c to actually end it). I know I can manually exit my python script using a timeout function, but there’s no way of knowing that all of my meshes (>100) were generated successfully.

I notice that when I run SPHARM via CLI through a bash shell by itself, the process doesn’t have an exit code to automatically end it after the output is printed, and I have to click enter or ctrl + c to get to the next input line/command prompt. I’m guessing this is causing my python script to never complete, as it’s still waiting for the exit code from SPHARM.

Is there a workaround for this, or is this something that can be implemented in a future version of SALT?

Thanks in advance and I appreciate any input!