Export and/or retrieve a folder's hierarchy

Good afternoon,

In the post about the 3D parts of the whole body, Andras Lasso achieved to recreate automatically the whole hierarchy and to get the names.

Is there a way to export a readable folder hierarchy from 3D Slicer or to get it with the script and import it inside another program?

Is there a way to retrieve the hierarchy of the Terminologia Anatomica 2 (TA2) in some way?

It would spare me much time.

I hope you are doing well in this particular period,


Here is the script that I used to convert BodyParts3D to a subject hierarchy tree: https://gist.github.com/lassoan/26e438c63e8249806958a408fb42c54a

We have TA2-2.0.3 as a csv file, which could be used in Slicer to build hierarchies, but I’m not sure if it has been publicly released yet.

@mhalle what is the status of this? Is the TA2 csv file allowed to be shared?