Export Markups Data (Distance, Angle)?

Operating system:Linux
Slicer version:4.11.20210226
Hi everyone, recently I want to measure the data of crown length and root length. And I used markupsline tool in Markups Mode. But I can’t find a way to export the desired data (distance in this example). So is there a way to directly export the distance of all markupslines? (I need to measure lots of teeth so it will be loads of work if I need to manually record all the data).

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If you save them as in mrk.json format, measurement fields will be saved. You can either programmatically extract that, or use excel as shown in this thread: Export formats for markups - #13 by lassoan

It works, many thanks!

A few tips that can make your measurement a magnitude faster:

  • If you need to measure the same values in many images then pre-create all the markups using this script
  • Copy all measurement results (along with input filename and measurement name) into an Excel sheet with a single keyboard shortcut using this script
  • Position the slice view to the correct cross-section much faster: specify the dental arch using a markups curve node, then reslice along that curve using “Cross-section analysis module” (in SlicerVMTK extension) or straighten the arch using “Curved planar reformat module” (in Sandbox extension).
  • Adjust the cross-section by rotating slice intersections by rotating slice intersections

See this video of how to set up keyboard shortcuts for defining measurements and copy them directly to Excel:

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