Export model with changes

Hi! I have a problem regarding the export of the final file.
When I import a model as a segmentation, if I edit it on segment editor by adding more segmentations or delete wrong parts, if I export it I get a file with only the changes that have been made (so only the added parts). How do I do if I want to export the final result (so the initial model with the changes) ?


If you export a segmentation to a mesh file then the file contains the final segmentation results (not just some relative changes). Maybe you could attach a few screenshots to better demonstrate what you are experiencing.

Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I don’t have a screenshot, but I can explain it better. I need to reconstruct a knee and I have different volumes. For example I create the segmentation of the femur with the axial part, then I export it (segmentation–>export to file). Then I want to modify it with the coronal part, so I import the previously created file (as segmentation) and in segment editor I modify it, in this case if I export it, the file I get is only about the added part and not the final result.


this is the screenshot considering only the cartilage. In the first image I took the cartilage model and added pieces. In the second is the file I exported and got just the added cartilage parts.

It seems that you have chosen to paint outside the original segment. You can use masking settings to allow overlap when editing segments; or use Logical operators effect to combine segments.