Export two aligned STL model from Meshlab to SLICER3D for deviation Measurement


I need to find Deviation between two STL model points, So i found this link:

How to compare/quantify (populate) two .stl models having shape difference to see result as color stl file and bar telling plus and minus changes?

I one part of if t Mr P.G. Makhija (from Modern Dental College & Research Centre, Indore, INDIA) said:

Thanks Petr Henys and Olivier Etienne for your kind suggestions. I was
able to do the job with help of Meshlab first by aligning meshes and
then analysing them with Slicer3D software’s shape population viewer
module. The problem is solved for me for the time being. Thanks.

So i have used the MESHLAB Software and aligned two Stl file together like this:
enter image description here
enter image description here

i can import the separated stl file in sliver like this:

enter image description here

But according two Mr P.G. Makhija point View i can not export aligned two stl file from MESHLAB to SLICER3D?

I will appreciate your help with this situation.

My similar question link via stack exchange:

Export two aligned STL model from Meshlab to SLICER3D for deviation Measurement

I don’t really know if I understand your question but you should use “Matrix:freeze current Matrix” in Meshlab after the alignment by right click on the transformed model (with an asterisk) . It’s like "Harden Transform in 3DSlicer. Otherwise, the tranformation matrix is not appied to the model.

Do what steffen-o suggested: freezing the matrix for the aligned models before exporting.

You can also run the deviation in Meshlab 2016 using Filters --> Sampling --> Distance from Reference Mesh. This allows you to generate the signed distances and will even store the distance values in the Measured Mesh as a vertex quality which you can then use to colorize the model (Filters --> Color Creation and Processing --> Colorize by Vertex Quality) and also export as a colorized PLY if you want.