Extend ROI after cropping and segmenting

Operating system: Win10
Slicer version: 4.10.0

Cropped region of interest using Crop Volume. Segmented on the ROI.

Want to extend the ROI of interest 1 cm vertically so that I can do more segmenting on the existing segment. Is there a feature that allows the cropped ROI to be altered, specifically increased?

Would be very grateful for an answer on this query either way.


This may not be the easiest way, but you can try something like this:

  1. COnvert your segmentation to a label map
  2. Crop your original volume with the new ROI, and make a note of your new image dimensions.
  3. Go to SimpleFilters and pad your label map with 0s to match the new dimensions of your segmentations
  4. Import your new label map as segmentation, and try continuing the segmentation with the new volume. If the padding is right, everything should line up I think.
    But again there might be other and easier ways of doing this…

You can draw an Annotation ROI and set the region where you want to edit your segmentation:

  • Click down-arrow on the Place button on the toolbar, select ROI, click in the image, adjust the ROI size
  • Go to Segment Editor, click “Specify geometry” button (next to Master volume selector)
  • Choose the ROI node as source geometry, set spacing values, click OK

This method may require less steps than what @muratmaga suggested above but has the disadvantage that the spacing and origin values of the segmentation will not match exactly the master volume’s (that you might find confusing).

Thank you both for your answers. In the end, I redid the segmentation as I wanted to guarantee the accuracy of the segmentation.