Extension download statistics

Hi, is it possible to get download statistics for an extension?


You can install this extension and gather the stats of your choice.

See https://github.com/fbudin69500/SlicerDeveloperToolsForExtensions#slicerdevelopertoolsforextensions

I am looking at the current stats for SlicerMorph, which is only available as part of the preview versions. Download stats shows it as 4.10.2-nightly. Is this referring to the current preview version? Because all previews I installed have names like 4.11.0-some_date?

Also, there was some discussion on developer calls about enabling more stats about extensions (like monthly download stats, os versions they are requested from). Would this be possible sometime?

yes, may be we could rename this to post-4.10.2

It should be possible. First we need to transition the current infrastructure, I documented the current status and needs on this page: https://www.slicer.org/wiki/Documentation/Labs/ExtensionsServer

If we can allocate resources to support this transition, consolidating the existing download stats with the slicer extension infrastructure so it provides monthly download stats … could be addressed as well.