Extension service is down

It looks like midas is half-broken. The metadata can be retrieved but the downloaded files are empty.

Can someone reboot it?

"Retrieving extension metadata [ extensionId: 405842]"
"Downloading extension [ itemId: 548410]"
"Archive /tmp/29402-linux-amd64-WindowLevelEffect-git39baeae-2016-07-22.tar.gz.mFmokN doesn't contain any files !"
Uncaught SyntaxError: missing ) after argument list

Looking into it now!

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  • We identified the issue and will follow up once it is addressed. In short, the server ran out of disk space.
  • Once we are done addressing VTK9-Slicer integration issues, we will resume work toward integration of the new extension management infrastructure.

Thanks for your patience :pray:


Update: I confirm increasing the space available on the server addressed the issue (+1TB)