Extensions do build but fail to upload to midas

Something weird is being happening lately, my extension is succesfully built but not uploaded to midas, see CDash

Is this a fake report? Since I can see the extension still available. Perhaps an old version that did not launch any warning to me, but certeinly wrong

Midas does not exist anymore. To fix the error, you would need to update the server address and get write permission to the new server, but probably what you want is to package without upload.

Following 43cc41a6b, the upload to midas only reports warnings in case of failure. Shortly we will update SlicerExtensionPackageAndUploadTarget.cmake to completely remove midas support.

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Then how do I shall proceed? Is there something I shall change in my extension?

I want to know if this issue affects the package version that is installed inside Slicer or not.

Normally you just test packaging of your extension locally (and let factory machines build and upload the official packages to the extensions server). Why would you like to upload packages?

Apparently this file forces extensions to try to upload the packages to midas, is there a way to disable this behaviour?

I won’t. It is just the factory machines that tried this. I don’t know how to tell them to disable this

Your extension is successfully uploaded to the new extensions server.

Today the download links work on the dashboard, too (the small yellow boxes are there).

You can ignore any remaining Midas upload warnings/errors - @jcfr will take care of them.

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