Extract isosurface(or contour surface) from skin segment by MarchingCube

The facial skin was segmented from the craniofacial CT image, and the.ply/.stl file was obtained for registration with the actual face point cloud collected by the depth camera.
In the Segmentation module Representations of Slicer 4.11, there are only three options: Binary labelmap,Closed surface and Fractional labelmap. Figure 1(but I see in the Slicer document Image Segmentation section that there are also Planar contour and Ribbon model options, Figure 2). When I exported the skin Segment, since Slicer automatically selected Closed surface, the generated model was layered, as shown in Figure 3. This stratification creates two similar-shaped face point clouds in the point cloud, which can affect registration.
Figure 1
Figure 2


When the MarchingCube algorithm of VS+VTK was used for skin contour surface extraction of CT images, it was found that the obtained point cloud only had one layer, as shown in FIG. 4(what I hope to obtain is similar to the point cloud obtained by depth camera). Therefore, I hope that in Slicer, MarchingCube is also used to export the single-layer isosurface model file for the segmtioned skin Segment. However, I have never found the implementation method of MarchingCube in Slicer.
Figure 4

I hope some friends can give me some suggestions. Is there something wrong with my Slicer version, which lacks Planar contour and Ribbon model? And is there a way to call MarchingCube in Slicer to extract isosurfaces for the skin Segment?

To extract the skin surface, you need to fill all the internal holes. You can do that using the “Wrap Solidify” effect, provided by SurfaceWrapSolidify extension. See detailed step-by-step instructions here.

Thank you very much. Your advice is very effective. As a beginner, I am not familiar with 3D Slicer, and I did not expect this simple and efficient method of completely filling the whole head. Thank you again for your help.

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