Extract .jpg from DICOM file

I have a DICOM file of the CT scan of an ankle. There are 3 different series in the DICOM file and I wish to extract all the images of one of the series in the required order. Kindly help me understand the steps in the Slicer software to achieve the same.
Thank You

You should be able to do this conveniently using the Screen Capture module.

Saving as JPG is good if you want get the image slices so that you can show them in a powerpoint presentation (and then Screen Capture module is a perfect tool).

However, if you are thinking about saving a CT image as JPG for deep learning (because the example/tutorial that you would like to try uses JPG as input) then I would recommend to look a bit further, because you can lose clinically significant information by converting a CT-image to a 8-bit JPG image. See some more information and alternatives in many other similar posts in this forum - for example this one:

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