Extracting a subnetwork from 3D volume


I would like to know if it is right to select keep largest island to retain only the connected component and remove fragments.

This issue is due to OpenGL support in Mobaxterm. I am not sure what the fix it. In our lab we use VNC + virtualGL to run Slicer in a remote Linux server.

If want to create a new volume that only contains voxels represented by the brown segment, you can use the MaskVolume which will create a new volume.

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May I know how long it would take to remove the disconnected fragments using Island effect.

I am running island effect on a volume that resulted after using shrink and grow operations.
It’s running on my local machine for 4 hours and it’s not complete yet.

Thanks a lot for the support

Usually it takes a few seconds, maybe it can take 1-2 minutes for a huge image. Did you reduce the default minimum island size? Can you upload your scene .mrb file somewhere and post the link here?

I didn’t reduce the default minimum island. I selected island effect , keep largest island and hit enter.

After I forcefully terminated the run, the following error message was shown. I think there was a memory leak.


Sure, I will repeat the steps and share the scene if I encounter the same problem again.
Thanks a lot for the support.

Hi @lassoan
This time I carried out all the steps on a server and I could get it working

Hi @muratmaga

Could you offer some advice on how to set the margin size for filtering vessel diameters > 5 micron and < 10 micron?
Previously I have used 10 micron in Margin settings for both shrink and grow to filter vessels less than 10 microns.

Thank you very much for your time and attention

Hi @lassoan

After using Islands for retaining the largest connected island , I could observe the resulting segment has holes on the surface.

I would like to know why these holes are present on the surface and how to obtain a surface without holes. In the end I would like to retain the surfaces that don’t have holes. The reason is, I intend to find the centerline lengths and I am afraid that computation of centerline lengths will be erroneous when holes area present.

Suggestions on how to retain surfaces without holes will be really helpful

Can you post a few screenshots that shows what kind of holes you see?

You may avoid holes if you disable surface smoothing (in drop-down menu of “Show 3D” button).


Please find the snapshot below

Sure, I will try this