Fail to import DICOM data with special characters in it

There is a common problem importing DICOM files (or data) wich has a word that cames with an Ñ (/ɲ/ - ALT 165 in ascci) or even an accent mark (very common in countries that speak spanish). Lot of people goes crazy about it until they change the name of the folders that contain the studies or data removing the Ñ and accent marks. Will it be “fixed” if 3D Slicer is translated to spanish lenguage? That could be great!

This should not be a problem in recent Slicer versions. What Slicer version and operating system do you use? Can you provide a sample data set (anonymized or phantom data)?

Hi! Thanks for your quick answer. Yes I can provide a few recent studies, I dont have that problem since I change that kind of names as soon as I spot them, but I recieve a lot of calls asking me desperatly the reazon. I need a few days cause Im hyper bussy, lot of design work and teaching stuff (same reason I didnt answer about the layer shifting post and another post Im preparing about mask desapiring when using Islands Effect in the Segment Editor [the 3 problems in the last stable version available to download in the Slicer official website]) I promise Ill send you some studies from Argentina, Perú, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and Mexico. Let me talk with my community. Where should I upload them so you can use it? Never do that before

You can upload to dropbox, OneDrive, Google drive, etc.and post the link here. Make sure to not submit any real patient information (create a patient with special characters in the name and acquire an empty image or image of an object).