Special characters

It may sound a total stupid ask from a person who shouldn’t use any software:)
Is it possible to develop a warning sign or message in a popping up window if Slicer has a problem with a special character in a folder or file name? I lost 2 days to find where the problem should be when I was not able to load or open any files since I mistyped (I typed a special hungarian characet accidentaly) a name of a complete folder.

I would love to see Slicer have better support for international character sets, and at least detecting errors would be a great start.

As a self-admitted stupid American, I don’t feel qualified to debug this because I don’t understand who things should be done the “right way”.

It would be great if there anyone who routinely uses non-ascii operating systems could implement and test such things.

Dear Steve,

I know @lassoan mentioned many times that Slicer is not accepting special characters. I forgot it and there is not sign that: hey you stupid, bad character in a file name! It could help a lot and save a lot of frustration.


Steve Pieper via 3D Slicer Forum slicer@discoursemail.com (időpont: 2019. jan. 17., Cs, 16:29) ezt írta:

That made me thing of the following commit that I stumbled upon while crafting the changelog for Slicer 4.10.1.


  • r27676: ENH: Added check for non-ASCII characters when drag-and-dropping a DICOM folder

The approach implemented by @lassoan could probably be generalized so that it is used in both the AddData dialog and the DICOM browser.

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