"failed to set suffix" error following DICOM anonymization


I have some anonymized DICOM files that I am trying to load into Slicer. I can load the studies into the DICOM browser. However, when I try to display them, I get the following error:

More details on how I’m anonymizing the data:

  • Instead of deleting/replacing PHI, I create a new DICOM file and only copy/replace what I need to. This is very similar to what’s done here
  • I have verified that I am including all of the required DICOM fields, as specified here and here
  • I have tried different DICOM readers (DCMTK vs GDCM), but both lead to the same error.

I am using Slicer 4.8.1.

Thank you!

You might have better luck with the latest release or nightly version, but probably there’s something incorrectly formatted in the anonymized data. I’d suggest using DicomCleaner. At least use that for debugging your script.