Faster registration

How do I get my multivolume sequence to register faster?

It is taking approx. 3 min and 2 seconds for the original volume sequence of spacing 1.95,1.95,1.95 and approx. 2 min 50 seconds for a downsampled volume sequence with a spacing of 5,5,5. Only a 12 second difference, which is not very significant…

I am using the Sequence Registration module with the "generic rigid (all)" preset, using frame t=3 as the fixed volume

Link to original multivolume sequence
Link to downsampled multivolume sequence

Probably you need a custom preset (list of parameter files) that sets lower number of samples or different stopping condition (lower max number of iterations, larger convergence tolerance value, etc).

I am doing this to make the “Reload and Test” of the module faster than 3 minutes, should I just register the first 10 frames?

For a basic module test it could be enough to register a few frames. Most likely you would detect if anything is wrong from 3 frames as well as from 20.

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