Feature: Custom library to extract radiomic features at specific angle

Hello everyone,

In my research, I am using PyRadiomics to extract radiomic features at specific angles (2D for now) & distance. Therefore, I implemented a small library that helps you do so. Here is an example of how to use it:

from RadiomicsHelper import RadiomicsHelper
import SimpleITK as sitk

helper = RadiomicsHelper(image, mask, binCount=32, distance=[1])

# Get index of all 2D angles
angles = helper.getAngleIndex()
>> {135: 1, 90: 4, 45: 7, 0: 10}

# Get contrast value at 45 degrees
>> 23.42705042892648

# Get correlation value at 135 degrees
>> 0.543999809502995

If this seems something of interest or worthy of a PR, please do let me know and we can discuss.

Thank you,

Github: mohanadarafe