Feature discussion: Deep learning module in SlicerSALT

This is a discussion page for a new feature in SlicerSALT under development.

Goal: Add a module to SlicerSALT allowing for deep learning classification support.


  • python module
  • use of keras for deep learning
  • n-class classification
  • fully connected networks with predefined features (customizable)
  • convolutional networks via spherical mapping (kernels defined on sphere) with predefined features (customizable)
  • generation and execution of keras scripts that can be edited by users (if they are experts)
  • tutorial with use cases

Thanks for sharing this. Would you like to receive suggestions now or you plan to provide more details and ask specific questions?

Any suggestion/comments are welcome. But yes, we/I need to flesh this out with more details. I am not asking for a specific question, more wanting to hear from potential users whether there are things we should make sure to include & support in that SALT module.