Fiducial Registration Wizard Module not loading

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this is what comes up in the terminal

Last login: Fri Sep 1 19:51:13 on ttys000

/Applications/ ; exit;

(base) jaymegoodrum@Jaymes-MacBook-Air ~ % /Applications/ ; exit;

zsh: exec format error: /Applications/Sl
exec format error: /Applications/

Maybe the extension package was corrupted while it was zipped, downloaded, or unzipped? Could you check if the files that you have on your computer are the same as those that you can download from the Extensions Catalog?

I did try this and still had the same error

There seems to be something wrong with the extension packages on macOS on Slicer-5.4. While we are working on a fix you can use Slicer-5.2.

@Sam_Horvath Are you aware of this issue? Is this something that you can have a look at or we need to wait for @jcfr? Do you know when he is going to be available?

Thanks for pointing this out, I will be looking into this today and follow up.

The root cause has been identified and fixed :white_check_mark:

Valid stable extensions are expected to be uploaded in the next 12 hours :rocket:

For more details, see New extensions can not work on Slicer 5.4.0 on MacOS - #4 by jcfr