Fiducials- 2D projection


I have a question related to markups-fiducial 2D projection. I have placed certain fiducials (red cross) as shown in image1 , and enabled the 2D projection to locate those parts when I move the slices back and forth. As per image 2, this is how my projections are visible in other slices- very tiny and barely seen.

Image 3- is the settings for my markups where I have enabled the 2D projection and given an opacity of 0.60. Changing the opacity is not really changing the visibility of the projections on the other slices. Also my glyph scale is 1.50, and my increasing this I can see the projections more pronounced but I doubt that the enlarging the glyphs is just the markups being displaced largely so it covers the slices and not necessarily “projecting” it.

My question is: Does changing glyph scale changes the projection visibility? Or is there another setting for 2D projection?


You seem to use a very old Slicer version. Everything should work well in latest Slicer Stable Release and Slicer Preview Release.