File Save Behavior Query: TIFF Files Auto-Selecting on Second Save

I’ve encountered a unexpected behavior in an application running on Ubuntu 22.04 , app version 5.7.0-2024-02-29 , and I’m trying to determine whether it’s a bug or an intended feature. The issue revolves around the process of saving files, specifically in the .tif/.tiff format, and how these files are selected (or not selected) during consecutive save attempts.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Download any sample data.
  2. Press the “Save” button and choose to save the file in either .tif or .tiff format, then successfully save it.
  3. Delete the saved file from the computer through the file manager.
  4. Press the "Save" button again to save another file. By default, all previously saved files are not selected or “checked” until you hit the second "Save" button within the Save window.
  5. At this point, without any user intervention, the application automatically selects or checks the .tiff file. But I did not get this problem with other file formats like .nrrd or .mha


NOTICE: It’s worth noting that this issue might not occur on every attempt. Sometimes, it may be necessary to repeat the saving and deleting process 2-3 times to observe this problem.

Expected Behavior: I would expect that upon attempting to save a file for the second time, no files would be automatically selected or checked, consistent with the behavior observed for other file formats.

Actual Behavior: The application automatically selects or checks .tiff files on the second save attempt, diverging from the expected behavior.

Before I delve deeper into troubleshooting or reporting this as a bug, I wanted to reach out to this community to see if anyone else has experienced this issue or can confirm whether this is a known feature or a bug. This behavior seems to be specific to .tiff files, and I’m not sure yet why it’s occurring.

Hmm, that does sound odd. I can’t reproduce it on a mac with 5.6.1.

You may already know this, but we discourage using tiff for volume data since you lose the spacing and orientation information.

Yes indeed, I know that we don’t have to save in .TIFF format if we are saving a 3D image. However, I thought that maybe this error could spread to other files too (Although I didn’t find the same error on other files yet). Maybe after I deal with the rest of the bugs/issues, I’ll delve into solving this one if it’s not a feature.