Fix Image Resolutions and number of slices of CT images to fit with pet image

Hello, I am a total beginner with 3d Slicer so please excuse me and feel free to direct me to the appropriate page if the question is trivial.
I’ve got a Dataset of labeled PET/CT Volumes, where there are Full Body PET and low dose CT Volume and high dose CT Volume of the breast areas which I want to use as training data.

The problem is that the resolution of the PET Data is 200x200x619 and shows the whole body while the resolution of the high-dose CT Data is 512x512x278.

The Volumes are pre-registered by the segmentation author but I need that the resolution of both volumes to be equal.

How can I do this in 3d Slicer and how can I automate it to preprocess the whole dataset.

Thanks for your advice.

Cheers Christoph

If you didn’t already figure this out, you can use the Resample Image (BRAINS) module for this task.