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I have to say I still don’t like how the Slicer logo looks like in the upper right corner. It does not look professional!

Is it possible with the instance we have to add a top banner with the links to the Slicer home page, downloads, documentation etc? See example in

I think all we need is larger “3D Slicer” text. See for example

The banner above the Paperpile forum is external content. It’s useful so that you can navigate to other Slicer pages, but I don’t like it very much because this extra header takes away useful vertical space.

Ok, I edited the horizonal logo SVG and made “3D Slicer” larger. Have to upload in a post in order to try it …

edit: looks good to me.

source is:
linked from:

This looks very nice, thank you. If others like it like this, too, then there is just a nitpick: I feel that the text should be moved up by a couple of pixels so that it is aligned with the sphere and not the shadow of the sphere. Maybe we could add the same type of shadow to the text - or not, as it may be more interesting to have the logo “grounded” by the shadow and the text floating in the air.

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Agreed. I tweaked size and alignment to the sphere. I didn’t add the shadow partly because the svg software I’m using right now doesn’t support it.

Thank you, it looks perfect to me now.

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