FOV of live ultrasound image


Through the PLUS toolkit I connect an US scanner with 3D slicer. The image I receive includes the US image plus all text and graphics included on the screen of the scanner, however I would like to display only the ultrasound image. Is there any way to specify the FOV of the live US image that I want to visualize?

Thank you in advance!

You might want to check out the ClipRectangleOrigin and ClipRectangleSize attributes in Plus:

Thanks! :smiley: I tried before with ClipRectangleOriginClipping and ClipRectangleSizeClipping and it didn’t work, but it does work when I use ClipRectangleOrigin and ClipRectangleSize instead.

Yeah, there was a issue on the page that appended Clipping on the back of ClipRectangleOrigin. It should be fixed now.