From Cells to Galaxies 2020 conference

There is an interesting medical imaging conference coming up, called From Cells to Galaxies. The goal of this conference is to build bridges from two synergistic fields: Radioastronomy and Medical Imaging. I believe it is an important scientific exercise that should happen way more between disciplines, in order we can accelerate discoveries across the board.

The organizers are still seeking for relevant abstracts to be submitted and presented there. Please find the CfP here. Registration is open until April 13.

If you have any questions, please email the organizers at directly.


@Davide_Punzo it seems that SlicerAstro could be a good fit for this conference.


Thanks for the ping Andras. SlicerAstro would be indeed a good fit. Unfortunately, I don’t have the traveling funds for it at the moment. I guess the NRAO already did, but I can share the post link to my previous HI radioastronomy group in NL, somebody may be interested.

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