GE ultrasound data

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There has patch method for loading philips US data.

How about the Normal format DICOM data of the GE ?

When load the GE US data, System error:

Warning in DICOM plugin Image sequence when examining loadable 0001: US [0008]: Image spacing may need to be calibrated for accurate size measurements.

Finally it can show the result ,but can not use other module.

Ultrasound images are usually saved into DICOM as a screen capture. This screen capture contains RGB color images, while most modules expect simple scalar images. You can use Vector to Scalar Volume to convert the RGB color image to a scalar image that can be used by all modules.

When adding DICOM data(GE Ultrasound data),The warning is like this:

I want to use this data in the SlicerHeart module.
Is this kind of problem serious?

This suggests that the series is not a 3D image or the 3D information is stored in private fields. See more information here: SlicerHeart/ at master · SlicerHeart/SlicerHeart · GitHub

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I found the Image3dAPI on github

Is this what the exact one for GE US data ?

The repository you have found is only the API specification and examples. You need to get the Image3dAPI loader for GE images (Image3dLoaderGe.dll) as described on the page that I linked above.

It seemed that this is not open for China. So trouble… no…

Contact GE people. Maybe Eigil Samset can help you.