General papers that use Sicer?

Is there a general location for papers that use Slicer but don’t fit into the Surgical Planning Publication DB off Paleontology projects, for example. I seem to remember seeing a list of papers somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it.



Have you checked citations of 3D Slicer platform papers on Google Scholar?

There is also the Slicer Community section of the wiki:

I think the one Steve Pieper mentioned is the one I remember seeing. We have a study of a Cretaceous Hell Ant named after Vlad the Impaler, and we used Slicer to do some of the micro-CT segmentation and analysis. It’s a bit far afield, but I was considering adding it to the list of studies using slicer.



You can also search the list of articles citing Slicer papers for the keywords of your interest in Google Scholar.


@hherhold if you want to send us publications and/or screenshots with some description we can add them to the community pages. I’m curious to see Vlad the Impaler in microCT!

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@pieper Posted to community page. I largely copied the formatting from another post, please let me know if there are edits I should make to formatting, etc.

It’s not your standard “surgical planning” paper, but we used Slicer (and continue to do so)!


@hherhold can you add a link here?


Community page:

Paper (Systematic Entomology): A new genus of hell ants from the Cretaceous (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Haidomyrmecini) with a novel head structure


Very cool work and thanks for the links!