micro-CT scanned bees and Slicer

I know people usually don’t post when papers are added to the Slicer Community page, but I just wanted to thank the Slicer Community, in particular @lassoan, @pieper, @cpinter, and @jcfr for your assistance since I started working with Slicer over 2 years ago. Your help has been invaluable and I put you all in the acknowledgements of our research on micro-CT scanned sweat bees (AMNH Novitates 3920).

Thanks again!



That’s awesome @hherhold! I’d admit I only looked at the pictures :grinning: but that’s quite an impressive work.

Very handsome paper, I agree! Thanks for acknowledging us, happy to help.

Well done. And thanks for acknowledgments :smile:

This is so cool :+1: