Girder Integration


We are a newbie to 3D Slicer , and we are using Girder as a Data Management Tool for our project.
We are planning to integrate Girder with 3D Slicer.

Any leads would be a great help for our team

Thanks and Regards

We use Girder’s Python client in Slicer in a generic way (download data and then load it into Slicer). Maybe @ungi can provide more details.

You can also just download data from a URL of data hosted on girder. See example here.

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I’m not very experienced in girder. I use the girder-client Python package to download files from girder. I don’t use it in a Slicer module but it should work the same way. E.g. this function downloads a list of files from girder (for training ai): aigt/ at eb2c007dbfed66cf7a59996e6b5f368b52a8ba91 · SlicerIGT/aigt · GitHub


Thanks for the lead ,let us try the method as you stated.

Thanks for the quick response and the tips.