Can we view Data in 3D slicer from GCS (Google Cloud Storage) Bucket? Is there any workaround that can be followed in order to achieve this?

Operating system: Using DockerSlicer Image to host 3d slicer
Slicer version: 4.10

Hi @lassoan,
Is there any plugin or extension which can connect slicer to GCS bucket?

It should be no problem.

For example, I know that it works with the DICOMwebBrowser extension (you can browse a DICOMweb database, filter, download, locally cache, and display any DICOM data set).

For generic file access, you can use standard Python packages. Maybe @pieper can give advice about authentication and other best practices in Slicer’s Python environment.

What is your end goal?

Assuming the data user wants to view is on cloud GCS(Google storage bucket) and not locally so want to directly connect this bucket to slicer.

What kind of data sets do you need to access and how do you find what data set you want to load? If you use DICOM then a good option is to set up DICOMweb access because then you can access the data using a standard interface from a wide variety of applications (e.g., 3D Slicer, web viewers such as OHIF).

If you can assume the user installs the Google Cloud SDK utilities (gcloud and gsutil) then you can use them from Slicer like we do here. Depending on what you want to do it might be more efficient to use the python libraries to access APIs directly.